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Trained in finance, working corporate gigs I quickly realized that the fast paced lifestyle and demands of these finance teams needed a balancing act to keep me optimally present. In my early 20s, after three years of 80 hour work weeks, intuition led me to seeking out a yoga practice. I practiced Bikram Yoga for three years and then was guided to practice Yin and Power; these quickly became my focus. 

After these years of practice I began to experience the benefits both on and off my mat. It was prolific, I was healing physical ailments and restructuring deeply rooted limiting beliefs through yoga and meditation. Experiencing these real life results led me to get my 200HR Certification at West Hartford Yoga and to pursue MBSR meditation training at UMass Medical Center. Completing these were profoundly transformational moments in my life. It was after these that I realized my mission was TO BE OF SERVICE to others on this path. 

My classes focus on everything that inspired and brought me inner peace from the beginning. They connect both body and mind through yoga, meditation and breathwork. I lead my classes with a soft approach, creating a safe space where clients can begin to regain connection to self. We can then utilize the tools of my coaching to help ground down, press reset, evaporate the stress and anxiety that is created internally within us all. 

It is my passion to help others discover and create the space necessary to shine their light as bright and distant as possible on all aspects of their life. 

Yoga - Class 3


I've always had a natural desire to help others, but it took years of turning in and helping myself before i was called to teach. Going through a period of difficulty with long work hours and the loss of a partner allowed me to tune in to my dark spots and to further build out the tools to make myself available to guide others through my holistic practices.

Healing is a soft process - a process that requires forgiveness, compassion, empathy and courage. My intention behind becoming a coach and yoga instructor is to cultivate a safe space where my clients can feel empowered to step into their own healing journey. To reconnect with the present moment, honor what is and isn't serving, and create routines geared towards living a healthier more fulfilled life. 

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