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In my early 20s, after three years of 80 hour work weeks, intuition led me to seeking out a yoga practice. I practiced Bikram Yoga for three years and then was guided to practice Yin and Power; these quickly became my focus. Experiencing real life results led me to get my 200HR Certification at West Hartford Yoga. Completing this was a profoundly transformational moment in my life. I realized that my mission was TO BE OF SERVICE to others on this path as a Yoga and Mindset Coach. My offerings focus on everything that inspired and brought me inner peace from the beginning. They connect both body and mind through yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Meditation 3


  • 1-on-1 Private Session

  • Private Group Sessions 

  • In Person & Virtual Offerings

Yoga 3


  • 1-on-1 Private Sessions

  • Private Group Sessions

  • In Person & Virtual Offerings



  • 1-on-1 Private Sessions

  • Private Group Sessions 

  • In Person & Virtual Offerings 



"Great [gentle] yoga class, very peaceful, just what I needed and I noticed I actually slept amazing following this class too"

Zach - after taking a 60 minute gentle yoga class 

"I have had chronic back pain for 20 years and during your class and for days after I had zero pain. When can we do this again?"

Maria - after a combined yoga and sound meditation session

"I have maintained a daily meditation practice for five years and felt benefits in my life. However, after practicing in the Mindful[You] Challenge (led by Ray), I've experienced a huge shift in being present throughout all aspects of my day. Working with Ray has given me new tools through breath work, yoga and mindset that have really allowed me to drop into the present moment fully. I now find myself bringing his energy forth in so many ways, from just holding space with a community of fellow practitioners, to tapping into loving kindness as a source of inner strength. Everyone will benefit from this sublime container that Ray assists you in creating"

Cheri - after a 5 day yoga, breathwork and meditation challenge 

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